Vegetarian Junk Food 2

I started the other day bringing you a list of my favorite vegetarian junk foods…  

But I want to make a HUGE clarification here – These are snacks to be enjoyed SPARINGLY.  In no way I want to promote the reckless consumption of any of these snack foods.  This is just to let people know that we vegetarians have the junk food craving once in a while and that thanks to thoughtful companies out there we can enjoy them without the addition of trans fat, hydrogenated oils, eggs, artificial colorants or preservatives…

Just wanted to make that clear…

Now that we’re in summertime, how can we leave behind America’s favorite grilling food?

Veggie Burgers and Veggie Dogs

I love a good Veggie Burger and a Veggie Hot Dog once in a while… and it does not need to be summer.  I personally enjoy eating Boca Burgers and Gardenburgers.  To me, they have the best texture and flavor.  I also like that most Boca Burgers are made without eggs and for extra assurance, they have a Vegan version.



I like to buy Smart Dogs or Tofu Pups – these two brands do not include eggs in their ingredient list.  There are other Veggie Dog products from the same brand that do include them, so be aware and always read the labels.  The Tofu Pups are great for people who are avoiding gluten or wheat.




And there’s no need to believe that if you want to eat only whole grains you’ll need to eat your burger or dog on a regular whole wheat sandwich slice… our friends at Alvarado St. Bakery make Burger Buns and Hot Dog buns made from sprouted wheat.  They’re super good and can be found in the refrigerated section of most health food stores.




Ok – I already told you about natural soft drinks in my last installment… but what if you’re the beer guy type.  And most people would argue – «Beer is vegetarian.  No meat is used to make it.»  And they’re right, however, the vegetarians I know, including me, we avoid alcohol because we consider it like a drug.  It’s something that intoxicates your system.  I know there are arguments on the contrary, but I am not trying to convert anyone, I am just stating the facts why some people to not consume alcohol.

Most beers labeled non-alcoholic still have some alcohol in them – little in proportion to regular beers, but not really non-alcoholic.  But I found one… Bavaria, it’s available on the Internet and maybe in large cities in the US.  I have not seen it here in Puerto Rico.  But this beer claims to have 0.0% alcohol – totally alcohol-free.  I would like to try it someday – maybe make a michelada with it…  mmmm.



Celebratory Drinks

And what if you like to celebrate, but are not into the beer taste?  Martinelli’s has a Sparkling Cider that tastes incredibly like any other apple cider, without the alcohol.   I drink this by itself, but I also use it to make Sangrias and Party Punches.  It’s awesome!!!  I always have a chilled bottle in the fridge.

And if you’re more the grape person than an apple person, Welch’s also has a White Grape and Red Grape Sparkling Juices.  They’re really good.  Kids love it when you offer then a glass of wine…  my niece laughs hysterically every time I give her a glass.  She feels like such a grown-up.

And what’s best, is that all of these are readily available in the bottled juice aisle of your supermarket.


Please share your favorite junk foods with us… we love to learn all that is out there.

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