Types of Vegetarians

I am always surprised by people calling themselves vegetarians when they eat regularly many animal products… and most recently I wrote a post on a local restaurant guide,  and people commented on restaurants being Vegan-friendly… and to tell you the truth, I am not too sure if they know what a Vegan is.

So let me shed some light on the different types of vegetarians categories there are:

By definition, vegetarians do not eat or consume any type of animal meat or derivate – be it red meat, poultry, fish, seafood, reptile and such.  If they’re more strict, a true vegetarian will not consume gelatin, collagen, or any ingredient derived from an animal, such as carmine coloring, derived from an insect. 

Lacto-Ovo vegetarians – These are vegetarians who consume eggs and dairy products.

Lacto-vegetarians – These vegetarians eat dairy products, but refuse eggs.  This is the type of vegetarian I am.

Ovo-vegetarians – accept eggs but do not consume dairy products.  These are not very common.

Vegans – Vegans shun all type of animal products.  They do not consume any dairy, eggs or even honey.  They will not wear silk, any type of leather product or wool. 

There are other types, who restrict their diets to just raw foods, or just fruits. 

And, there are people out there who call themselves vegetarian, who refuse to eat red meat, but they still eat  poultry and/or fish/seafood.  In my opinion these people, by definition, are NOT vegetarians.  They are really a sub-group of the omnivorous diet.

Hope this helps you understand more the different types of vegetarians out there. 

2 respuestas hasta “Types of Vegetarians”

  1. jazcita noviembre 28, 2008 a 6:53 pm #

    wow!! well you know… thats true there are some people that they think that vegan is just not eating red meat.. and so they eat fish and all that stuff..

    i think they shouldt.. call them selfs vegans.. well..

    im a lacto ovo vegan .. and im proud..

    well i really like your.. post..!!

    i’ll be .. waiting for more recipes.. i think they are wonderful.. and i get wonderful ideas from them..

    so blessings and… take care..

  2. Cash-root diciembre 10, 2008 a 3:04 pm #

    Ummm…what is a lacto ovo vegan.

    One reason those of us that eat fish say we are vegetarian is because it takes too much time to explain to full omnivores what we will or will not eat. so people know not to bring tamales cooked with lard…etc.

    We (wife and i) eat Kosher dairy only. Trying to explain that is a pain. 90% of the time we eat veggie/vegan.

    KFC: A lacto ovo vegetarian is someone who is vegetarian and consumes dairy and egg products. I understand explaining your version of vegetarianism to people is a hassle… I know what it is to say you’re allergic to eggs just because it’s too complicated to explain why you don’t eat them. But maybe it’s more acurate to say you’re a pescetarian – an omnivore who eats fish and seafood only and prefers not to eat any other type of animal. Try the truth… it might be easier for you and those around you.

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