Clementines – My favorite winter citrus

20 Ene

Citrus are mainly in season during winter-time. I read somewhere the season starts in November.  I know we have lemons here all year round… but when I visit Costco, it’s near the December/January time-frame where I see and can purchase one of my favorite citrus fruits… CLEMENTINES!!!!!!!


I learned about these delicious and cute Clementines about 10 years ago, but was not able to get them here in PR… and when Costco opened their doors about 6 years ago, they started bringing them.  I love them because they’re petite, mostly seedless, super sweet and their membranes are really thin, so they’re easy to eat in segments.

I regularly do not eat regular oranges in segments… I learned this when I was in school in Chicago and we had to do a project about the introduction to market of an Orange.  People would talk about eating them without a knife and I was – hello!!! speak for yourself!!!  I have to peel an orange with a knife and cut them in half … just like you would if you were using a juicer to make fresh squeezed juice.  I eat oranges like this because i can’t stand the bitterness of the membranes around the segments.

So for those of us who do not like orange membranes, Clementines are the perfect orange for you… as they are for me.  And the cute wooden crate is just an added plus.

Try some soon and tell me all about it…


4 comentarios to “Clementines – My favorite winter citrus”

  1. JEP enero 21, 2008 a 10:35 pm #

    Boy do I agree! Oranges just don’t taste as good on a consistent basis. I take a couple of the “cutie pies” with me to work for a mid-morning snax break!

  2. Suzi enero 22, 2008 a 2:40 pm #

    Clementines are good, but Satsuma mandarins are better.
    Have you tried them?
    They’re still available in the US.

  3. karmafreecooking enero 22, 2008 a 4:14 pm #

    Suzi – you’re making me salivate… I am lucky we now get Clementines in Puerto Rico. How are these Satsuma mandarins better, in your opinion?? Educate me, please… I’ll need to ask someone to send me some…

  4. teresa marzo 6, 2008 a 4:41 pm #

    Satsumas are MUCH better…I like to get the Organic version. Great for kids lunches because they are so easy to peel and NO seeds (most of the time)


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